Rahul Dev as First Hindu pilot in Pakistan Air Force


In the history of Pakistan’s Air Force, a Hindu has been selected for the first time as a pilot. Rahul Dev, a budding lad has been recruited as a general duty pilot officer.

The newly recruited lad hails from Tharparkar, the largest district in Sindh province. Sindh is predominantly populated by Muslims but a sizable number of Hindus also reside there.

Hindus who form an infinitesimal number of Pakistan’s population are well represented in various sectors of government services. According to All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat Secretary Ravi Dawani, “Many members of the minority community are serving in the civil service as well as the army. Many doctors in the country also belong to the Hindu community”.

Ravi Dawani also expressed his gratitude as the first member from the community was recruited as a pilot in Pakistan Air force.

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