Cricketer Pathan sends money to cobbler struggling due to postponement of IPL 2020


News: Irfan Pathan sent Rs 25,000 to the “official cobbler” of Chepauk Stadium, Baskar. Due to the postponement of IPL 2020, Baskar was facing severe financial troubles, which Pathan has heard about and therefore he helped out by sending the money.

Here are five components of the story:

  • The postponement of one of the most awaited Indian sports events, the IPL 2020 has had a significant and severe financial impact on the survival of many businesses, large and small, that depend on the IPL, both directly and indirectly.
  • Baskar is the man who calls himself the ‘official cobbler’ of the Chepauk Stadium. His business would usually thrive during the IPL season but this year has brought no windfall and plenty of struggle.
  • “Last week Irfan Pathan sent some money (Rs 25,000). I bought groceries for the family. Since there was no work, I had borrowed money and have to pay it back,” he told The New Indian Express. I don’t know how I will survive. If cricket doesn’t return soon, I will be gone.”
  • He further explained how much he made usually during IPL season: “I got Rs 1,000 per match and CSK players took good care of me. At the end of the season, players and coaches would pool in and hand it over to me. Last year, I got around Rs 25,000, apart from what Dhoni gave me separately.”
  • The BCCI is currently working on an October window if the T20 World Cup does not take place in Australia, but there is no exact return date for the IPL.

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