Writing on the wall: A tour of Jamia Anti-CAA protest


More than a month after Anti-CAA protests at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi and Shaheen Bagh were called off amid the Covid19 outbreak, scores of protesters have been arrested, some of them charged with draconian UAPA. But what did the protestors stand by all this while? What were their demands? We are revisiting the Graffitis on University walls in Jamia that have all been erased by Delhi Police now.

All photos by Asma Rafat

Couplets from Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Poem Hum Dekheingein in Urdu
Graffiti demanding release of Scholar and Activist Sharjeel Imam
A Graffiti signifying women unity at the Anti-CAA protests
Hindtutva extremist who fired at protesters in Jamia
Students paint love in the times of protest
‘Tum ne loota hai sadiyon hamara sakun,
Ab na hum per chale ga tumhara fasun,
Chara gar main tumhe kis tara se kahun?
Tum naheen charaagar, koi maane magar,
Main nahi maanta, Main nahi jaanta.’ Couplet from Habib Jalib’s poem Dastoor
Writing on the wall against making citizens as illegal residents
A call to resist Islamophobia
A Graffiti asking people to speak out against CAA-NRC
Graffiti of a law student blinded by police brutality at a library inside Jamia Millia Islamia

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