Delhi’s official COVID-19 report found inconsistent with ground data


News: The Delhi government’s official reports claim that only 68 people have died of Covid-19, however the tally across graveyards in Delhi reports 314 cremations and burials completed following the protocol for handling bodies of dead Covid-19 patients as of May 9.

Data from hospitals have also previously indicated that the number of actual deaths caused by the novel coronavirus are two times as much as the official government reports. This discrepancy was initially attributed to hospitals not sending the required data to government bodies.

Since then, there have been further discrepancies uncovered between the figures with the authorities at burial and cremation grounds, and the Delhi government’s Death Audit Committee.

A report by the Dainik Bhaskar states that over 300 burials and cremations have happened in Delhi as per the guidelines for handling the bodies of Covid-19 patients, however the official count of deaths in the national capital was 68.

The Health Ministry has updated the death toll to 86, as of May 13.

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