Kashmir angle to the Chinese aggression: Explained


Power politics analysts have pointed out that the latest aggressive behavior can be explained in the resurgence of China as a military power. With the victory over the pandemic, China seemed to be vindicating the success of its political system.

Not only China is asserting its renewed power differential against India in the disputed Himalayan territory but also pressurizing the Indian establishment to take note of its domestic policies.

In this background, the revocation of the special status of Kashmir last year has gathered steam. Kashmir forms the knot around which the three Asian states of Pakistan with its all-weather ally China might lock horns with India. In an article published by Foreign Policy argued that in recent days, China has demanded in foreign-policy talks with India after the revocation of the new legislation creating Ladakh.

This move benefits China in multiple ways. It allows strengthening its alliance with Pakistan. Most importantly, the move allows Beijing to put a blanket cover over its persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang.

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By questioning India’s handling and mistreatment of Muslims, China is able to divert scrutiny from its own crackdown on religion. Anik Joshi of the Foreign Policy wrote that China’s foothold in Kashmir issues has served as a useful distraction.

Moreover, the same rhetoric of using Kashmir as an alibi was forwarded by a Chinese think tank. It claimed that the revocation of the special status to Kashmir and changing its political dynamics automatically triggered the Chinese response. It must be understood that this is not what Beijing underpinned in its hostile stance towards India.

Yet one can see a resurgent China pushing against its Asian neighbors pumped up with military prowess. But its role in internationalizing a conflict cannot be brushed aside.

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