Kashmiri youth accuses Delhi Police of calling him carrier of the Corona virus, thrashing


In a shocking incident, 24-year old Kashmiri youth, Junaid Khan was allegedly referred to as a carrier of coronavirus by Delhi Police personnel at Khijrabad in Delhi. The incident took place when the boy was coming back to his home after supplying necessary items to daily migrants stranded in the locality.

Talking to Karvaan India, injured Junaid, said that he was on his bike with another aid worker when police stopped him at a check post and asked him for papers. After finding everything in place along with the Curfew pass, a constable among others asked them for their names. And soon after lathis were blown all over them.

“I had gone to Khijirabad area to survey people in need of everyday commodity during the lockdown so that relief and help could reach them. As we were on our way back from there, we were stopped by police at the check post; we showed them all the papers we had along with curfew passes. At this point, someone among them asked me for my name and subsequently referred to me as a Jamati. Before I could respond, lathis were blown on me from all sides,” Junaid told this writer.

Junaid and his friend had to walk back home in Batla House with severe injuries in the leg.

“I have not been able to gather the courage to go and get checked by a doctor since then as I fear to step out now. They have also seized my Royal Enfield motorbike,” Junaid said.

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Junaid accused a Police Inspector, Mahesh Chand of calling his family back in Kashmir and asking unnecessary questions.

When Karvaan India contacted the Sub Inspector Mahesh Chand to his record his side of the version, Mahesh refuted the allegations and claimed that his bike was seized since Junaid didn’t have legal documents and curfew passes.

However, Junaid has maintained that all his papers and are passes were in order.


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