Legal notice to South East Delhi DM for scapegoating Muslims as no Covid-19 cases for 65 days in Nizamuddin


Harleen Kaur, District Magistrate of South East Delhi, was given a legal notice for “arbitrarily” keeping Hazrat Nizamuddin village sealed as a containment zone for more than 65 days. There have been no positive cases since then in the Muslim locality.

Here are five components of the story:

  • The President of the Hazrat Nizamuddin Village Residents Welfare Association (RWA) Yusuf Khan, facilitated the legal notice through Advocate Mehmood Pracha which states that heavy police and CRPF deployment in the area has “terrorized the Muslim youth of the area.”
  • “In pursuance of a deep-rooted conspiracy to defame the Muslim community without any justified reason”, the South East Delhi DM targeted the Muslim locality.
  • The restrictions imposed by the DM have left the people on the verge of “starvation” and “destruction of their lives.” Residents of the Nizamuddin village have been labeled “Corona spreaders” and are being “socially boycotted.”
  • The notice further states that this is the only case where a community of 20,000 people has been cut off from the society, whereas in other areas even if a positive case is found, only the building or the street is sealed.
  • The notice urged the DM to show evidence that approves sealing, failing which the area should be “de-sealed.”

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