IMA Requests PM to Withdraw Wrongful Suspension of Dr. Kafeel Khan


It has been two years since the Gorakhpur tragedy wherein at least 60 children died due to a shortage of oxygen tanks in the Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has finally come out to support Pediatrician Kafeel Khan who was accused of negligence despite having bought the oxygen cylinders from his own pocket and saving several children. 

After Dr. Khan has struggled for two long years, the IMA has come to his aid by urging the Prime Minister to withdraw all legal cases against Dr. Khan through an official letter. 

In their letter, the IMA explained that the shortage of oxygen cylinders was due to nonpayment of bills to the vendors but that Dr. Khan was not responsible for this as he bought some oxygen tanks with his own money. 

A fact sheet has been revealed according to the Right to Information (RTI) Act that conveys that there was a shortage of liquid oxygen for 54 hours in BRD Medical College on August 10, 11, and 12. According to this fact sheet, Dr. Khan had arranged for jumbo oxygen tanks to save the children. 

In addition to the fact sheet, a departmental enquiry was conducted where it was found that there was no negligence on the part of Dr. Khan; rather, the tragedy unfolded due to a severe shortage in oxygen cylinders. 

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In their letter addressed to the PM, the doctors from the IMA drew attention to the long and hard suffering faced by Dr. Khan and his family since he suspension and criminal cases being lodged against him. They urged  for the compensation of Dr. Khan for the time time period that he has been suspended. 

The shortage of oxygen supply in the hospital has also been accepted in an affidavit by the High Court of Allahabad. 

A request from the Supreme Court has also been made to the UP Government to pay all the subsistence allowances to Dr. Kafeel Khan pending his suspension.

The directions from the court were not followed and Dr. Kafeel Khan, who was wrongfully jailed and had his reputation tainted, did not receive justice. His suspension was not revoked and he did not receive the compensation due to him. 

In June, the IMA had come out to support doctors who were assaulted in a hospital in West Bengal. Dr. Kafeel made his request to the IMA around that time to support him. 

The IMA decided to support Dr. Kafeel two months letter by writing a formal letter to the PM. The letter stated: 

“IMA identifies with Dr Kafeel Khan and proclaims solidarity with him in these difficult times. We request you to kindly further Dr. khan’s cause to help him get justice” .

“Dr. Kafeel Khan’s suspension may kindly be revoked at the earliest and he may be compensated. Kindly prevail on the government of Uttar Pradesh to withdraw all pending legal cases against Dr Kafeel Khan and BRD Oxygen Tragedy may be investigated by central agencies”.


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