2 Indian Embassy employees detained briefly by Pakistani police: Washington Post reports


Pakistani police briefly detained two employees of the Indian Embassy in Islamabad after their car hit and injured a pedestrian on Monday.

Munir Ahmad of Washington Post reported that the two men were detained as they tried to flee after the road accident.

According to the Pakistani police the two employees of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan did not have diplomatic status, hence making their detention possible.

Later, both of them were released. Howbeit, expelling each other’s diplomats is a frequent phenomenon between the two South Asian warring states. In the initial weeks of June, India expelled two Pakistani Embassy officials after detaining them on spying charges.

This comes at a time when Pakistan is undergoing its worst crisis from Cynthia Ritchie scandal, locust attacks to the ravaging pandemic. Imran Khan seems to be having a hard time keeping his boat afloat. To divert people’s anger over his failures he has resorted to warmongering against India. He is usually seen making panic calls about surprise attacks by the Indian military.

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