Ayuhsman khuranna to campaign against child sexual abuse with UNICEF


“Crime against children are the most heinous. I applaud the government and UNICEF’s stand on protecting the future generations of our country.” The Bollywood actor Ayushman Khuranna said while announcing his collaboration with UNICEF and Ministry of Women and Child Development to voice up against child sexual abuse, PTI reported.

“Ayushmann is heartened that he can now contribute to the cause of building awareness against child sexual abuse. He wants to do his best to help the government to eradicate such crimes. He immediately said yes to the proposal to be roped in by UNICEF and the Ministry of Women & Child Development for the latter’s key initiative, the POCSO (The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act, 2012,” says an industry insider according to She the People.

Among many Bollywood stars Ayushmann too joined the league to raise awareness about the tragic matter. The campaign’s sole purpose is to protect and make people aware of the Act that offers help. “Ayushmann has shot a video on the topic, requesting people to be more vigilant about such cruel offences happening around us and immediately raise voice against such disgraceful crime by reporting it to the concerned authorities,” says the insider according to the insider. It’s a nationwide campaign which will be reached by social media, TV and cinema halls. “Ayushmann will support it at all stages,” adds the insider according to She The People.


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