Bihar to Have All Govt Buildings Names Written in Urdu Very Soon


According to a recent directive by the Bihar state government, all government building names will be written in Urdu as well as Hindi. Urdu is the second language of Bihar and the names of government, semi-government, and other public buildings should be written in Urdu according to a directive issued by the Urdu directorate in Bihar. Buildings such as Patel Bhawan, Vidyut Bhawan, Bihar Museum, Privahuan Bhawan, and others will, therefore, have their names written in both Hindi and Urdu.

Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, is in support of and promoting this directive. According to a report from The Bihar Post, Nitish Kumar said, “Urdu is not just a language of love and romance, it’s also a language of inquilab (revolution),” when addressing the Jashn-e-Urdu programme in Patna in March 2017.

In addition to this, the chief minister is working hard to ensure that Urdu is taught in every school across the state as Urdu is not confined to one religious community alone; rather, it is a language spoken across all religious communities. In line with these efforts, Nitish Kumar announced that the government will appoint 400 Urdu translators in every block, subdivision, and district across the state. The increase of Urdu in official works is also planned by the state government along with the issuance of government notifications, gazettes, and orders in Urdu.

Image courtesy : Ishq Urdu

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