NYT on how Sikhs in the U.S. are preparing food for health workers and protesters


At the New York City hospital, members of the Sikh community are providing basmati rice, dal, and beans for the health workers. “A group of about 30 cooks has made and served more than 145,000 free meals in just 10 weeks,” said the NYT.

They are also feeding the protesters marching in rage over the killings of George Floyd and other black Americans by the police. Himmat Singh, coordinator of the World Sikh Parliament said that wherever the protests are happening, they are going there.

All this is possible due to the community kitchen at the Sikh Center of New York, in Queens village. Sikhism is a flourishing community in the U.S. There are around 500,000 followers and 280 gurdwaras in the country.

The NYT reported that there are 80 gurdwaras in the United States that are now providing food assistance. Some said that it was achievable not just because the infrastructure is already there but the call to action and the responsibility is deeply entrenched in the Sikh way of life.

In other American states, like in Los Angeles, the Khalsa Care Foundation distributed 700 containers of pasta and 500 bottles to the protesters.

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