UP tops the chart in crime against women, Bihar leads in rioting, says NCRB


Following a delay of two years the annual Crime in India report 2017 was published by the National Crime Records Bureau on Monday.

The report finds out Uttar Pradesh as most vulnerable to crime against women. The state topped the chart with 56, 011 cases followed by Maharashtra and Bengal.

Most of the cases under crime against women were registered as Cruelty by Husband or his relatives. (27.9 %) followed by ‘Assault on Women with Intent to outrage her Modesty’ (21.7 %), ‘Kidnapping & Abduction of Women’ ( 20.5 %) and ‘Rape’ at 7 %.

The report also found out, 58,880 incidents of rioting of which maximum incidents were reported from Bihar- 11, 698, followed by Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Of the riots reported, communal and sectarian riots accounted for 723 and 183 incidents respectively. 805 riots occurred due to caste conflict and 1909 due to political reason, the report mentions.

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Incidents registered under the Schedule Caste Prevention of Atrocities Act saw an increase from 5, 082 in 2016 to 5,775 in 2017. However, incidents of crime against Scheduled Tribes saw a low this year.

A total of 95,893 cases of kidnapping and abduction were registered during 2017, showing an increase of 9.0% over 2016 (88,008 cases).

“A total of 63,349 children (20,555 male, 42,691 female and 103 transgender) were reported missing in 2017. During the year 2017, a total of 70,440 children (23,564 males, 46,798 females and 78 transgender) were recovered/traced,” the report said.

The report also saw a new a category of false/fake news and rumors. Under the category, maximum incidents were reported from Madhya Pradesh (138), Uttar Pradesh (32) and Kerala (18).

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