Virus fallout dampens spirits as Muslims mark major holiday- Washington Post


The holy month of Ramadan is concluding. Muslims all over the world are perturbed by how they will celebrate their biggest holiday under the shadow of coronavirus. Millions have lost their employment at a time when shopping sprees are anticipated.

Turkey, Iraq, and Jordan will impose round-the-clock curfews for the three- day festivity. In Saudi Arabia people will be allowed to leave their homes to buy food and medicine. “But even in countries that have largely reopened, the holiday won’t be the same”, reported the Washington Post.

In Jerusalem, the want of tourists has adversely affected shopkeepers. Indonesia, the largest Muslim-majority country has imposed restrictions throughout the holiday. “Mudik”, a holiday tradition in which millions of Indonesians living in big cities flock to their hometowns to celebrate with their relatives has been banned.

While Malaysia will allow a gathering of 20 people, for relatives to mingle. In India, Muslims have been the targets of prejudice and boycotts by the majoritarian community, who blame them for the spate in coronavirus cases due to an Islamic convention held in March.

Despite the stigma, “in some states, Indian Muslims have launched campaigns urging people to refrain from buying new clothes for the holiday and instead give to the needy.”

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Iran, which has seen the wrath of the virus, has canceled mass prayers in Tehran led by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. On the other side of the border, Iraqi people were busy buying clothes, toys and home appliances.

War ravaged Somalia has canceled large gatherings. Meanwhile, The United Arab Emirates has opened parks, beaches and malls but barred children and adults over 60 from these spaces.

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